prog rock music One Now Ago

prog rock music One Now Ago

prog rock music One Now Agoprog rock music One Now Agoprog rock music One Now Ago

The unique & brilliant album,

"No One's Listening" is available on CD's,

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progressive rock

One Now Ago

no one's listening

until they do

The Making Of the Album

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One Now Ago - prog rock music

The Album


A brilliant progressive rock album, containing many musical styles and flavors, featuring clear and creative vocals, masterful playing, thoughtful lyrics, and catchy melodies.

Steve Carlisle


As guitarist, vocalist and composer, Steve plays a variety of instruments on the album. Performing in the Phila area for years, he also has produced a variety of music & videos, with the name Lunartrax

Ritchie DeCarlo


The world-class drumming of Ritchie DeCarlo breathes life into this project. His expansive musical career features many projects, performing with Percy Jones, Scott McGill, Tony Levin, and Michael Bernier, to name a few.

Dave Kloss


Using 4 & 5 string bass, fretless, and the chapman stick, Dave's bass parts are solid & unforgettable. He has recorded and performed for years in the PA / NJ area, having done many projects with Ritchie DeCarlo, with the two of them forming an incredibly tight rhythm core

Cary Newell


Cary's production and songwriting talents helped to bring this album into being & into focus. He has played and performed throughout the Philly area for years, and has an extensive catalogue of brilliant, well-crafted songs

No One's Listening


"Words are twisting, that's okay

'cause no one's listening"

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No One's Listening, until they do.

"No One's Listening" album by One Now Ago